Puppy Training Cork

One to one Training

Often when it comes to puppy training there are specific topics that you and your family wish to cover that may not fit in to the standard course curriculum.

Perhaps you are new to dog ownership and want lots of guidance. Or maybe you have children and you would love for them to learn how to interact safely around your pup. Or you might be struggling with some areas of training that you are concerned about.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

We offer both one off training sessions and discounts when purchasing a package of 3 sessions. We recommend our package of 3 sessions as often we will cover puppy teething problems at session 1, training and obedience at session 2, and tackle adolescent dog challenges at session 3.



Perfect Puppy Problem Prevention Programme

This is the ULTIMATE training course is the FIRST of it’s kind, that every single puppy owner absolutely should not miss!

Dog behaviourist Nanci Creedon M.Sc. has designed this programme specifically to build resilient, confident, well behaved adult dogs.

As Nanci see’s hundreds of dogs each year with significant behaviour problems, she designed this programme to cover all of the mistakes that dog owners make that later leads to very serious, and often FATAL, behaviour problems.

The course has been designed to be FUN, informative, and life changing for both puppy and owner.

We will also cover the topics you would expect to cover, like toilet training, puppy biting, socialisation, and training while also working on exercises that are designed to avoid aggression, fear, biting, hyperactivity, excessive barking and on leash reactivity later in life.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one!

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