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    • You’ve made it as far as our page to look for dog training help with your dog – well done! Next step is to get yourself and your dog booked in to see us! We often have inquiries for training that, for one reason or another, don’t go ahead and book. They inevitably come back to us months, or sometimes years later, and the behavior has become a much more serious problem.

    • The sooner you start your dogs’ training, the easier and more successful it will be!

    • You wouldn’t pay a doctor without an MD. I think you wouldn’t send your child to school with teachers who’s only expertise were ‘I’ve had children all my life’. We really should NOT take our dog to see a dog trainer or attend dog training classes if the dog training instructor does not have recognized, legitimate qualifications (take 5 minutes to google their qualifications to make sure you are happy with them).

    • Ireland’s leading dog behavior expert Nanci Creedon M.Sc. CDBC (certified behaviorist, masters degree in animal behavior, expert witness in dog bite court cases, RTE Today Show Expert) leads up our dog behavior team here at Creedons Dog Care.

    • Each of our trainers has been carefully chosen by Nanci Creedon based on their levels of qualifications, their knowledge, their skills, and their competence.

    • Our dog trainers must undergo continued professional development every year to ensure they remain up to date with best practice on the kindest and most effective dog training methods.

    • All of our training classes and private training uses positive reinforcement methods

    •  rewarding dogs for good behavior and ignoring unwanted behavior

    • we do not allow shouting, slapping, tugging the leash, or any form of fear or intimidation based training.

    • What are you waiting for? Get in touch and let us help you and your dog!

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