Doggie Daycare Cork

Doggie Daycare Cork

  • Creedons Dog Care is Ireland’s longest running Doggie Daycare Cork city. However, we are also the leading doggie daycare center, as our team of dog behavior experts are committed to continuing to research dog behavior and dog daycare’s across the world to make sure we run the best doggie daycare center in Ireland.

  • In 2015 we converted from standard doggie daycare (similar to playing in the yard at lunchtime at primary school) to doggie daycare 2.0 (similar to attending sports training camp – think structure, controlled play, exercise with thinking instead of crazy play!).

  • We had found that with standard daycare many of our dogs were becoming adrenaline junkies, no matter how much exercise they had their owners still could not tire them out, and the play was becoming quite frantic and out of control. Since switching over to doggie daycare 2.0 we have never looked back! Our dogs are calmer, happier, much better behaved for their owners, and are actually going home more tired!

  • Doggie daycare is a no brainer for almost all dogs – however – if your dog does not like doggie daycare or is not a right fit for daycare we will make sure to let you know this, dog’s happiness always comes first over profits here at Creedons.

  • We are proud of the systems, policies, and procedures we have developed over the years. Care of the dogs is our priority, but excellent customer service and happy customers is a close second so we do all that we can to ensure that our canine and human customers are well looked after.

  • Creedons Dog Care is SAFE for your dog.

    We’ve all heard of horror stories, and as dog care in Ireland is not regulated it is hard to know where to turn. Creedons Dog Care has a phenomenal reputation in Cork and nationwide so you can trust that your dog is safe with our highly qualified EXPERT staff.

  • Creedons Dog Care provides supervised FUN play and socialisation in a safe indoor and outdoor secure play environment. Perfect for the HYPER dog who has so much energy to burn off!  Cork dog’s love to be with other dogs, playing, bonding, and chatting to one another in their special doggie way.

  • Choosing Creedons Dog Care as a fantastic way to AVOID BEHAVIOUR PROBLEMS, such as separation anxiety or boredom related behaviours.

Get in touch with us today, let us know a little more about your dog, and your needs, and we can let you know how we can help!