Puppy Training Cork

New puppy, congratulations! And now also, you have our sympathy 🙂 Puppies are HARD WORK and we know all about it!

HOWEVER, and we mean this, you should be super proud of your pawenting style by going down the route of hiring a professional trainer to get you on the right track from the start – we adore working with puppy owners as we pride ourselves on focusing heavily on educating puppy owners on how to avoid the development of behaviour problems later in life.

We have two options available to you, and both have their own benefits.

The Perfect Puppy Problem Prevention Programme

A 5 week group class course with a curriculum jam packed with owner education, puppy socialisation, building puppy confidence, avoiding fear based behaviours, walking nicely on the leash, coming back when called, stop jumping up on people, how to interact nicely with strangers and unfamiliar dogs, avoiding food and toy guarding, and so much more!

Evening classes at our indoor, heated centre.

Maximum class size of just 6 puppies.

This class is ideal for those who want to combine socialisation with training.

*please note, children under 12 years can not attend our group classes but can attend our ‘Family Dog Training’ sessions.

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Private One to One Training Sessions

This option is perfect if you have a family with children under 12 as the whole family can get involved in training your new puppy, and is also ideal if you have specific concerns about your pups behaviour, or want to work on training that isn’t covered in our group classes.

Your trainer will spend time reviewing your detailed booking form, then will meet with your family and your pup at our centre to work through the training topics you would like to cover.

After your session our trainer will prepare a customised report for you which will outline the details of the training steps discusses.

The one to one sessions can be booked as an individual session or a package of 3 sessions which you can use as your puppy goes from baby puppy, to teenage puppy, to young adult dog, to ensure you get a customised training programme to help your pup to become the perfect family dog.

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