What happens during the Admission Behaviour Assessment?

To enrol your dog at Creedons, they must first be neutered (if older than 6 months), fully vaccinated (including the kennel cough vaccination which you normally have to ask your vet for separately), and your dog must be friendly and social towards other dogs. Next, you can book your dog in for their three day doggie daycare assessment. During the assessment your dog will come to daycare for three consecutive days. On the morning of their first day your dog will be observing the play group through a fence. Once your dog is calm and comfortable in the presence of the other dogs, we will introduce them to one dog. Your dog will be watched closely for stress signals. If your dog becomes stressed the other dog will be removed and we will try again later. All going well, once your dog and the other are playing nicely we will introduce a second, and a third and so on, all the time making sure that your dog is comfortable with the rate of progression. With some dogs this will take an hour, some up to two days, each dog progresses differently.Once your dog has joined it’s suitable play group, it will be observed to see how nicely it plays, to see how it reacts to commands from the daycare staff. The three days of assessment gives us enough time to get to know your dog, and determine if doggie daycare is right for them. It will also give your dog enough time to become comfortable here, and to learn that when they come to Creedons, they are collected again on the same day, which is great for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.Once your dog passes the daycare assessment they can then use our at home boarding facility. Your dog will come to daycare during the day and then home with us in the evening. They will be treated as one of our family, and spend the night indoors watching tv and relaxing with the other dogs.