Puppy Farms in Ireland

Puppy Farms in Ireland

Posted on October, 07, 2016

Statement from Nanci Creedon Dog Behaviour Expert Ahead of the Cavan Protest in Relation to the Puppy Farm Planning Permission of Ray Cullivan In Cavan     I am publicly calling on the Cavan County Council to reject Ray Cullivan’s bid for retention permission for his puppy farm in Poles, Co. Cavan. *This is an […]

Is Your Dog Scared Of Getting Groomed?

Posted on July, 27, 2015

Last year I won Cork City’s Best Young Entrepreneur. I won this exciting prize for Gradico Grooming™, a brand new dog grooming process that I designed for nervous dogs. Creedons Doggie Daycare have run a busy dog grooming parlour for over five years now, so that’s thousands of dogs that have come through our doors. […]

Kennels Or No Kennels?

Posted on July, 26, 2015

Is your Pooch going to Pawis this Summer? When we get a typical Irish summer we all CRAVE getting out of Ireland and hitting some luxurious beach, lets face it, we deserve it. However, for lots of us, leaving our dog at a standard dog kennel can be a traumatic experience, for dog and human […]

Why you should choose us as your trainers!

Posted on July, 25, 2015

(THIS BLOG WAS TAKEN FROM www.nancicreedon.ie ) On October 23rd 2013 (my birthday!) I became Ireland’s first certified dog behaviour consultant (CDBC). I had been working with dogs for years at this stage, and building up my qualifications with a variety of different institutions, attending workshops, and learning through DVD’s from the industries top experts […]

Are You Afraid Of Dogs?

Posted on July, 24, 2015

A fear of dogs can truly ruin a persons quality of life, and can be passed on to children. Follow our advice for a step by step guide to help children and adults alike overcome this debilitating fear! Respect The Fear A fear of dogs is a completely rational fear, especially here in Ireland. Unfortunately […]


Posted on March, 30, 2015

May’s dog of the month is Dougal, one of the small side’s big personalities! Dougal is a real boy’s boy but can so as sweet as candy floss sometimes when he wants a bit of affection and a play – just don’t go near him with a hair brush! Dougie is as good as gold […]

Creedons College of Canine Studies

Posted on March, 30, 2015

We are delighted to finally be able to announce that Creedons are expanding to offer professional courses in the canine industry! Do you think you would make an excellent dog trainer? Is dog grooming your passion and are you looking for professional training? Are you a pet dog owner that want’s to educate yourself to […]