Abnormal Behaviour Modification Programme

*Paperwork will be emailed to you within 24 working hours*

Some cases need more advanced expert help, cases where dogs are preforming abnormal and unusual behaviours, such as fear or aggression-based behaviours.

1. Complete a detailed questionnaire and provide video footage (where safe to do so). You will also be sent a vet referral form to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions that could be a contributing factor to your dogs behaviour.
2. You will then schedule a video call with our certified behaviourist Nanci Creedon who will review your case and gather further information on your dogs history and behaviour.
3. A diagnosis and treatment plan. Specific to your issues will be sent to you with, where possible, video. demonstrations of the exercises she wants you to carry out.

4.  A second session to review the implementation of the management practices you have put in place and Nanci will show you how to carry out the next stage in behaviour modification where the unwanted behaviours will be tackled in more detail.
5. Three months of email support and video analysis where you can send weekly emails to Nanci with your progress, obstacles, and videos of your at-home training.

6. After 1 month a 30min session is booked where you will demonstrate the work you have been doing and Nanci can give you some feedback and updates where needed.

7. Finally, session 4 is a recap session at the end of the programme to review the success and help provide further guidance to ensure you and your dog continue on the path to success.