Teenage Dog Training Cork

Adolescent Dog Training Options

Ah… the teenage phase! This is where ALLLL the fun happens 😉

It’s not surprising that most dogs are surrendered to rescue centres and dog pounds when they hit adolescence. It’s a challenge.

However, with the right guidance and support you can use this adolescent period to your advantage and build a strong bond between your dog and your family which will last a lifetime.


Our 90min workshops have been designed to tackle the most common challenges that dog owners face at this age, and also tackle the very serious challenges that can later become serious behaviour problems if unaddressed.


We guarantee you won’t regret attending our classes, and your dog, and the rescue centres, will thank you for it!

On Leash Barking, Lunging and Frustration Workshop

Is your dog an angel in the home and a divil on the streets?
We hear ya!

We will also work on exercises that will avoid hyperactivity and frustration from turning in to dog-to-dog aggression.
Wish Fido would behave calmly and well mannered when Doloros next door stops for a chat? We will show you how.
We have designed this workshop to help you train your dog to remain calm and polite around unfamiliar dogs and people, make your walks ENJOYABLE AGAIN and help them focus on you when they want to go a little crazy!

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Guarding, Aggression and Bite Avoidance Workshop

Now before you get all dismissive and think your dog will never become a bite-y bite-y dog, answer me this?!

Does your angelic Fido become a bit cray-cray when the doorbell goes? Or even worse, if someone has the audacity to walk past your window?

Or perhaps Rover becomes Conor McGregor when someone goes near his food bowl, his treats or his toys?

Maybe you’ve gotten to the stage that your prim and proper Charlie is looking more like a sheep than a sheepdog because he won’t let you groom him?

Our lovely pups don’t come with a t-shirt saying “I will bite people when I get older”, but sadly this is a common behaviour challenge us professionals face. The solution? Prevention is sooooo much easier than treatment!

This workshop has been designed to walk you and your dog through the training exercises and games that you can implement NOW to avoid serious aggression later.

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Avoiding Fearful Fido Syndrome Workshop

There’s nothing more heart-breaking as a behaviours than working with dogs experiencing severe fear based symptoms. You just want to wrap them up in your arms and tell them everything will be OK, but of course that’s the worst possible thing to do!

This workshop focuses on helping our nervous Nellys learn that the world is not such a bad place, and helps their loving owners learn how to boost their dogs confidence the RIGHT way, and how to avoid the common mistakes nervous Nelly owners make every day.

This workshop will be truly lifechanging for many dogs, as stepping in NOW and changing how their fear is managed can avoid serious behaviour issues later in life.

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