Thundershirt Calming Cap


Yes, they can see through it, but the ThunderCap does filter the dog’s vision in order to reduce the visual stimulation that the pet experiences which helps them in stressful situations.

  • See-through fabric that reduces visual stimulation while allowing the dog to maneuver through his surroundings
  • Soft fabric and elastic fit for maximum comfort
  • Great for vet visits, grooming, car rides, walks and other times when your dog might be reactive to his environment
  • Works great in combination with ThunderShirt in some cases
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*Helps ease dog anxiety by reducing stressful visual stimuli
*Lets dogs see well enough to confidently navigate surroundings
*Ideal for dogs that display excessive barking, separation anxiety, or for fearful dogs

The Calming Cap is a great way to ease your dog’s anxiety in high-stress situations. The cap fits snugly on your pet’s head, filtering his vision and thereby reducing the visual stimuli that make him agitated. The Cap helps him remain comfortable and confident. Calming Cap features a single-panel sheer fabric window, which offers your dog enough vision to confidently navigate surroundings while reducing the provoking stimulus. Soft fabric and elastic fit provides maximum comfort. Two Velcro® brand strips wrap around the collar allowing for easy on/off use.


Uses for the Calming Cap

  1. Dogs that bark explosively when visually stimulated (e.g. traveling in vehicles) are excellent candidates for the cap. The fabric window filters the dog’s vision, without completely eliminating it. Most dogs learn to settle down and go to sleep while wearing the cap on car trips.
  2. Fearful dogs benefit from wearing the Calming Cap in uncomfortable situations, such as the vet’s office or on the groomer’s table. Those shots and nail clippers will be less visible and therefore less scary!
  3. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety can benefit from wearing the cap in the presence of his owner. In conjunction with a behaviour modification program, wearing the Calming Cap allows the dog to get accustomed to a diminished view of his owner while still sensing that the owner is present.
  4. Under the supervision of a qualified behaviourist, and as part of a comprehensive behaviour modification program, the Calming Cap can be a very effective tool in working with aggression problems.

Introduce Your Pet to the Calming Cap
Introduce the cap to your dog slowly and with pleasant associations. As you begin to fit the cap, give your dog a favourite treat. Calmly slip the cap on while praising your dog continuously. Give a treat while the cap is on, and then stop treats as you take the cap off.

During the acclimation period, we recommend putting the Cap on your dog for no more than 2 or 3 minutes at a time. Do this several times within a span of 30 minutes. Gradually increase the time your dog wears the cap until he no longer paws at the cap.

Discourage any attempts to paw or rub at the CalmingCap by introducing a high level of distraction such as a bone or another yummy treat.

Fitting the Calming Cap

  • Open the short adjustable strap and slide the ring off. Slip the ring and lower collar connectors down between your dog’s neck and his collar. Firmly fasten the ring back onto the strap.
  • Guide the lower collar connectors directly under your dog’s jaw.
  • Slip the elastic portion of the Cap over your dog’s muzzle.
  • Pull the long section of the Cap up over your dog’s head to the back of his neck. Give your dog a treat while praising him.
  • Open the long adjustable strap and slip it under the collar at the back of the neck. Firmly secure the strap.
  • The Calming Cap should fit snugly, but not tightly over your dog’s face. The fabric window should be positioned over your dog’s eyes.

The Calming Cap is designed to help reduce your dog’s anxiety level in stressful situations. Sometimes, the situation may require professional support. We recommend talking with your veterinarian, behaviourist or a qualified trainer who may provide additional assistance in reducing your dog’s anxious behaviour.

Note: The Thunderclap may not be effective on all dogs.

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