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New puppies are the BEST! Cute, cuddly, and full of fun.

However, having a new puppy is a lot of responsibility, one wrong move and you could cause irreparable damage. Our behaviour team often see young dogs that have behaviour problems based on fear or over-excitement due to owners accidentally exposing their pups to new experiences in the incorrect manner. This can be heartbreaking for the owners, who did everything they could with the best of intentions.

To do our part to avoid this from happening, our behaviour team here at Creedons have designed three different packages to support you through this critical period of development.

Gold Package

We will support you through all periods of development.

Session 1 – A private puppy training session with our trainer to cover all of those ‘new puppy’ issues, teething, toilet training, sleeping through the night and more.

Session 2 – At approximately 6 months. Hows the perfect puppy getting on? Just before your pup enters the next development stage we will meet you again for another private training session to help prepare you for what’s ahead, focusing on problem behaviour prevention.

Session 3 – At approximately 12 months many dogs are handed in to pounds and rescue centres, but not your dog! At this stage  we will focus on any issues you are facing with your dog, and advice customised to your dog on on how to ensure your relationship with your dog is as perfect as it can be!

Silver Package

This package has been designed to holistically approach the perfect puppy. There are lots of elements to raising the perfect puppy, and not all can be done by you. Our perfect puppy silver package includes a private session with our trainer to cover all the perfect puppy training sessions, a full week at doggie daycare to help out with dog-dog socialisation in the appropriate way to teach your dog how to interact with other dogs, and your pups very first grooming session to familiarise your pup with the bathing, nail clipping and handling experiences – lots of treats, slow and easy, and help your pup to cope in weird situations.

Bronze Package

Learn all about how to raise the perfect puppy in your one to one private session with our trainer. Ask all the questions you have and get the right answers, cover the topics you want to cover, and receive a follow up written report to help to support you through the training.

*Suitable for dogs 4mth or younger

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To Book, select the package you would like, our team will be in touch to get the information you would like written on the voucher.

Valid for 365 days post voucher purchase, however, if purchasing this voucher at a discounted rate, the voucher must be redeemed on or before March 31st 2018.

Your pup should ideally be 4 months or younger at your first session.

We encourage the whole family to attend where possible – this training sessions will be customised to you and your pups needs through the information you provide us with in the Perfect Puppy Training Programme Booking Form
One customised report and training plan for your family to implement to ensure you set your pup up for success
10% discount on any shop purchases on day of training session
10% discount on Doggie Manners four week obedience training course

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