Johnson’s Tick Remover


Tick Remover from Johnson’s Veterinary Products!

An essential for all pet parents, this tick remover is specially designed to remove tick without fuss!

Cats and dogs may pick up pests from time to time when out in nature especially in warmer weather.

Tick removal can be tricky, but with the Johnson’s tick remover, they can be removed safely from your pet.

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Summer time means ticks, especially if your dog loves to run in long grass.  This simple but hugely effective tool from Johnsons, allows you to quickly and painlessly remove the tick entirely from your dogs flesh.  Simply place the two prongs either side of the tick gently pressing closely to the dogs skin to ensure you capture the tick where the jaws have attached.  Gently rotate the tool and remove the tick and all parks of it’s mouth.  Never attempt to remove a tick without the appropriate tool as this could cause the tick to come apart and remain in the dogs skin.

We recommend using a flea and tick preventative treatment to ensure your dogs is protected all year round.

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