Exquisit Life Silicone Massage Bath Brush


The perfect grooming tool for you and your pet!
  • -Multi-function comb: massage, bath, comb hair.
  • -Eco-friendly materials, recycling, saving bath liquid design.
  • -The shower gel is controlled by the pressing force of the hand.
  • -Massage function promotes pet blood circulation and health.
  • -Soft flexible silicone brush, remove dead hair, lice, and bugs.

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Silicone massager brush is an integrated design, easy to grip, does not slip off. Can be hung after use. Bath Brush Body scrub also with soft brush head is silicone material. Soft, gentle, and elastic. Especially Skin exfoliating scrubbing brush is a large capacity, so can be used for one week after filling it up too.

  • Soft silicone massager brush has the dual effect of massaging the skin and stimulating capillaries, so can enhance skin and skin health.
  • Body scrub brush can effectively remove your dead skin, allowing you to have a deep washing.
  • Color will be sent based on availability
  • What’s more? The brush is made of silicone. Certainly really soft, gentle, and smooth on your skin but also exfoliates.
  • It has two sides that are great for different things. Generally one side for daily gentle scrub exfoliation and the other side for massage.
  • Silicone is super easy to clean when it gets dirty. Also, Silicone is strong enough that it can even be boiled clean.
  • The comfortable size and shape make it fit on your hand easily and can hold a lather really well. Scrub comfortable all your parts.
  • easy storage and carry.
  •  Multipurpose: Can exfoliate your skin and massage to help new cell growth. Use on your whole body, face, back, thighs, butt, chest, etc
Pet Grooming Silicone Shower Brush.
Portable Pet Shower Massage Brush.
Product name: Pet bath comb Materials: Rubber, TPR/TPE
Colors: Blue
Size: 13*6*3.5cm
Weight: 177g, 200g
Gasket size: 12*6cm, 3.2g

Additional information

Weight0.177 kg
Dimensions13 × 6 × 3.5 cm

Insert soap into dispenser and gently massage your body with the super soft bristles.

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