Clix Silent Whistle


“Silent” whistles are well suited for training breeds that are noise sensitive such as Wheaten Terriers and Border Collies. The Clix Silent Whistle is compact, lightweight making it perfect for training inside or outside. Please note: This dog whistle is slightly audible to human ears. An adjustment screw is included to alter the pitch. Training guide included.

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Made from tough steel, with a lightweight and compact design, the Clix Silent Whistle is an excellent all round whistle for both pet owners and professional trainers.

The pitch of the whistle can be easily changed by using the adjustment screw, to suit your dog’s needs.  Silent whistles are ideal for training noise sensitive dogs.

The clear, strong whistle tone supports recall and other obedience training, with an ergonomic design for easy use.  In order to gauge the efficiency of the whistle, it is very slightly audible to the human ear.

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