On Leash Reactivity Training Cork

On Leash Reactivity Training

We get it – there’s nothing more embarrassing / frustrating / upsetting / exhausting / stressful (delete as needed!) as walking your dog when they suffer from on leash reactivity.

There can be many reasons for this behaviour – your dog may want to play, your dog may be afraid, your dog may enjoy the adrenaline rush of barking, or your dog may even be simply fed up of other dogs entering their personal space.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help!

We run a super successful on leash reactivity recovery programme that addresses all contributing factors which may be exasperating the behaviour, and a thorough, detailed, step by step programme to recovery.

We are confident that this training package will give you the knowledge, the skills, the experience, and the UNDERSTANDING to get to the bottom of this problem behaviour in a friendly, inclusive, supportive environment.

You will see our trainer three times, and you will also receive access to our online webinar based Behaviourists Guide to On Leash Reactivity course.
Session 1 – Our trainer will first take time to review your case and any video footage that you submit to us. Next, during your first session your trainer assess your dog and give you information on how to make immediate changes at home to aid recovery.
Session 2 – At this session, which you will book after session 1, our trainer will teach you and your dog the behaviour modification training steps and give you opportunity to practice.
Session 3 – A small group session of just 4 dogs who are all struggling with on leash reactivity, and who have also completed sessions 1 and 2, will gather to carry out ‘real life’ training to help you and your dog practice your new skills in the presence of similar dogs.
You will also get free access to our On Leash Reactivity webinar programme whih is an online 6 lesson programme worth €49.

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    Once you have completed session 1, your trainer will book you in for sessions 2 and session 3.
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