Kennels Or No Kennels?

Is your Pooch going to Pawis this Summer?

When we get a typical Irish summer we all CRAVE getting out of Ireland and hitting

some luxurious beach, lets face it, we deserve it. However, for lots of us, leaving our

dog at a standard dog kennel can be a traumatic experience, for dog and human alike!

Many dogs get on very well at boarding kennels.

My recommendation is , if you need to use kennels, find a kennels that is run by

qualified staff ( minimum three month classroom based dog behaviour course, as

often online courses are of poor quality, and all staff on duty absolutely must have up

to date certification in dog first aid).

Send your dog for a trial day, where they can get to know staff and get to know the


Next, send your dog for one overnight stay. Judge your dogs reaction to arriving at the

centre – if they don’t want to go in, listen to them and try another kennels.

Make sure to do this months before your holiday so you can be sure to find a good

match before jetting out of Ireland – there is NOTHING worse than fretting about

your dog when you are supposed to be enjoying yourself.

Many indoor dogs just don’t settle at standard boarding kennels. The noise, the

concrete environment, and the lack of one-to-one human attention can often distress

dogs, especially older dogs that were not introduced to kennels before 1 year of age.

At Creedons Doggie Daycare we thought long and hard about what we would want

for OUR dogs, and decided to launch an alternative to kennels, our exclusive 5* pet

hotel in 2014.

We have six exclusive suites – each designed as indoor, individual chalet’s, with real

human beds, gentle canine-relaxation music piped in gently, central heating, wall art,

and, to keep you happy, we even have two-way camera’s where you can check in on

your pup from your phone – and even wish them a good night!

Our special guests get extra cuddles when staying at the hotel, are fed the best holistic

dog food, and even send their mums and dads a daily update to let them know how

their holiday is going.

Our suites are specially designed to meet every dogs need.

Our French themed Pawis suite is our biggest. It has a double bed to facilitate our ‘big

boned’ guests, or double bookings for dogs that join us from the same household.

The golden oldies suite has special orthopaedic, low to the ground bedding for our

senior guests who need that bit of extra joint support.

The nursery is perfect for the babies – we have a bassinette bed, giant teddies, and

baby toys.

We also have a Disney suite, a Bark-bados suite, and a Spa suite, the choice is yours!