Is Your Dog Scared Of Getting Groomed?

Gradico Grooming

Last year I won Cork City’s Best Young Entrepreneur. I won this exciting prize for Gradico Grooming™, a brand new dog grooming process that I designed for nervous dogs.

Creedons Doggie Daycare have run a busy dog grooming parlour for over five years now, so that’s thousands of dogs that have come through our doors.

We pride ourselves on offering very gentle grooming, and caring for the dogs in our parlour like our own. However, we were regularly phoning owners of dogs that were distressed to tell them that we had to cut the session short for their dogs wellbeing, as we strictly would not cause an animal distress. This was upsetting for our groomers because they didn’t like to see dogs distress, upsetting for the dog owner, and of course, most importantly, upsetting for the dog.

As my behaviour expertise built over the many years that I have been studying and working in the behaviour field, I had a light bulb moment one day.

I decided to put my behaviour hat on in the grooming room, and look at how I could make the grooming process less stressful. As I began exploring different methods and techniques, I soon developed a programme that, from start to finish, was designed to keep the dog feeling safe, calm, and in fact, enjoying the experience.


Gradico Grooming™ uses many tried and tested methods, all combined in to a step by step process.

As many groomers also meet dogs that hate the grooming process on a regular basis, we know that they also face the upsetting struggle that comes with working with stressed out dogs, so we have created a Gradico Grooming™ training course where other groomers can come and learn how to carry out Gradico Grooming™. This is my goal. I want Gradico Grooming™ to be available in parlours all over Ireland, and in fact all over the world.

Gradico Grooming™ is a  trademarked and licensed service to ensure that any parlours claiming to offer Gradico Grooming™ has been trained by ourselves and truly do meet the Creedons high standard for grooming, ensuring that any dog that visits a Gradico Grooming™ licensed groomer can rest assured that their dog is truly in great hands.


All Gradico Grooming™ licensed groomers have a superiour understanding of how to read, and speak to dogs! This is an advanced skill that will help dogs feel like they are being licensed to in the grooming parlour.

Gradico Grooming™ licensed groomers are trained in special canine massage to help their canine clients enjoy their time with their groomer.

Gradico Grooming™ licensed groomers have a thorough understanding of learning theory, the science behind how and why dogs think. The groomers then in turn know how to use this science to the dogs advantage and implement steps using this learning theory.

Gradico Grooming™ licensed groomers have full training in the step by step Gradico Grooming™ process with full support of the Gradico Grooming™ team, and are committed to regularly up skilling and continuing their education into the dog behaviour world.