Why does my dog have to have annual kennel cough vaccines? I heard they don’t work.

Kennel cough complex (canine infectious tracheo-bronchitis) is the name that refers to a group of viruses and bacteria that are very contagious and infect the respiratory tracts of dogs. Infected dogs have a dry, hacking cough that can last from days to weeks. The infectious agents are released into the air every time the sick dog coughs or sneezes. Dogs that share the same air are at risk for infection. Consequently, outbreaks commonly occur anywhere many dogs are housed closely together. Luckily, most cases of kennel cough resolve on their own, rather like a cold for us. On occasion, supportive medications are needed. The kennel cough vaccine that your dog received was designed to protect her from Bordetella bronchiseptica, one of the more common bacterial causes of the disease. Canine parainfluenza virus and canine adenovirus can also cause respiratory illness, and even though your dog will have received a kennel cough vaccine, it can still contract the above vaccines. You and your veterinarian are taking all the right steps to protect your dog from kennel cough. Unfortunately, not all causes of kennel cough can be prevented. As stated above, if your dog does contract a form of kennel cough, because it is healthy it is unlikely to affect your dog long term. If you suspect that your dog does have kennel cough, please phone us for advice and refrain from bringing your dog into daycare.kennel cough