Why does my dog have to go through a behavioural assessment?

We are a “cage free” facility which means dogs are required to interact with other dogs at all times. It is our goal to create a harmonious environment for all, so an initial introduction is needed to ensure a good fit.

Not only is this assessment in place to ensure we reduce the risk of aggressive behaviour within the centre, it will also help to initially see how they cope in an environment without you. Dogs are very social animals and it is only natural for them to form an attachment to their humans. Being at day care can assist in building their self confidence and in turn learn to socialise with many sizes, breeds and personalities. Where a dog shows dominant behaviour, which is not necessarily aggressive, but potentially places the other clients in a fearful position, the centre will make an assessment whether development is possible with the assistance of you at home or whether the risk is too high to grant membership. This assessment will put your mind at ease knowing that every dog is assessed and receives tailored care from the results of not only their assessment, but ongoing improvements within day care.