Can I see the complete facilities where my dog will be staying?

Yes, we welcome you to make an appointment to view the daycare centre with your dog before enrolling.
However, this appointment will need to be made over the weekend when the centre is closed to daycare dogs.
We have people at the door on a daily basis asking to see inside, and don’t fully understand our reasoning why it’s safest not to! So…. Here it is!!

There are many reasons why we do not allow members of the public into the playrooms while the dogs are here. Firstly, some of our regulars are nervous of strangers, and while they are at our centre, their wellbeing and happiness is paramount.

In the past we have allowed people to come in and see the dogs on quiet days. The dogs present would quickly become very over excited and hyper. This can lead to aggression as the chemical make up of a dogs brain when overexcited and aggressive are virtually the same. We have never had a fight between dogs at the
centre, and our aim is to never have one. Therefore we manage the energy levels in the playrooms very carefully to avoid over excitement.

Overexcitement also leads to excessive barking, which we try to avoid for the sake of our neighbours.

As ‘dog-napping’ has become more prevalent in Cork in recent times, we have reassured our dog owners that their dogs are very safe and secure here with no threat of being stolen. For that reason we keep all doors locked at all times, and again this is another reason why we don’t want strangers knowing which breeds/how many dogs are here on a given day.

We have many people calling to the door with their children asking to see the doggies. We don’t have the time for this, as our day is broken down to a schedule that we stick to and if we allowed this we would never get anything done!

We have public access to footage of our centre here where you can view the day to day goings on here at Creedons.

We are aware that, despite the many reasons for why we do not allow midweek tours, some people are still annoyed not being able to see the dogs. I’m sure this has resulted in us losing business in the past, but we put the wellbeing of our dogs above gaining extra clients, and think all of our doggie owners would be more than happy to give us glowing references if you would like to ask them!

How can I be sure that the play space is clean, odour & disease-free, comfortable and safe for the stated capacity of the centre?

We clean and disinfect twice daily, during doggies nap time and nightly, regardless of how many dogs have visited. We have specialised floor buffers and wet hoovers to ensure that we are continually using clean water when cleaning. We use dog friendly disinfectant, and our monthly newsletters will include up to date photos and video footage of Creedons Doggie Daycare.