Daycare Three Day Introduction

You may not be aware, but Creedons is actually the longest operating dog daycare centre in all of Ireland!

We opened back in 2010 (one centre opened a few months prior to us but shut down again a few years later so we are the ones with the record!).

We believe this is because we are so committed to continuing to improve our operations.
Over the years we have continued to modify our membership application process.
We believe that when a new dog joins our centre it is important that they are given ample time to adjust to the environment, and also to allow your dog form the association that being at Creedons doesn’t equal high stress, but instead becomes a familiar environment.

For this reason we run the induction process over three days so that each day your dogs stress levels lower and they do not become overwhelmed. When they arrive on their first day they will first go in to one of our hotel suites where they can watch the other dogs through the fence, but also retreat into the hotel room if a little overwhelmed.

Once they are signaling that they are comfortable and happy to engage they will be brought out to meet one of our calmer canine residents. All going well they will then meet a second friend after a while, then a third and a forth and a fifth and so on.

Once we believe that your dog is comfortable mixing with lots of different dogs they will get to join their appropriate play group.

We will of course keep you updated through the entire process.

So call us on 085-8268738 or pop us an email to and we will get you booked in!