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Here at Creedons we believe it’s important to only accept dogs at our daycare facility that both want to be here, and play in a safe and appropriate manner.

Our daycare facility is not to treat behaviour problems, or to overcome fear, anxiety or aggressive behaviours, as this is not fair on both the dog with the behaviour problem, nor our other patrons.

While it might sound counterproductive, we pride ourselves on having the highest non-compatibility rate of daycare’s in Cork, we want to be fussy about which dogs become members, so that all dogs have a quality experience when coming to Creedons to play.

To ensure all dogs are a suitable match for doggie daycare we initially carry out a Compatibility Evaluation session to assess whether or not we believe your dog would be a right fit for Creedons.

Next, if we believe your dog will enjoy our facility we will offer your dog three complimentary visits as a settling in period (do be redeemed within 5 working days from the date of the Compatibility Evaluation).

During the Compatibility Evaluation our highly trained evaluator will meet with you and your dog. Your dog will be invited on site to carry out a number of assessments, and will meet several canine members of Creedons. If we believe your dog is a suitable match for Creedons we will invite them to remain on site for the remainder of the day.

After approximately 45minutes our evaluator will invite you on site and will discuss with you how your dog got on.

The process is friendly, with the best for your dog in mind. If we believe that daycare may not be the right choice for you dog we will discuss some alternative, perhaps more suitable, solutions.

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