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puppy socialisation classes cork

Puppy socialization classes cork

Puppy socialization classes are extremely beneficial lessons for your puppy for many reasons.

They will learn to socialize politely with other puppies and humans

Bite inhibition: potentially lifesaving, teach your puppy to stop biting and to bite softly should the need arise in the future.

You will learn about good nutrition, important in the development of puppies both mentally and physically.

And many more problem prevention topics that occur in puppyhood.

Puppies must be under 16weeks(large) and 18weeks(small)
Contact us here for dates and more details.

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Puppy training – more serious than you would think!

Puppy training is thought of as the fun, easy part of owning a dog. Often puppy training is offered by vet nurses or pet shop workers who have not specialized in dog behavior.

However, puppy training is probably the most important training you can get with your dog! It is very important that you choose the right training methods for your puppy, and that you understand how important those early puppy weeks are in developing your puppy.

Mistakes made now with your puppy can lead to very serious behavior problems later in life that is quite challenging to overcome. Choosing the right puppy trainer with the right puppy training advice will help to ensure that you avoid the many common puppy training mistakes that people make.

Creedon’s Dog Care offers several different Puppy Socialisation Classes Cork packages to suit your needs, but the important thing is to get yourself and your pup booked in as early as possible.