Dog Obedience Classes Cork

Dog Obedience Classes Cork

dog obedience classes cork

Dog obedience classes are essential for all pet dogs. Our obedience classes at Creedons are only positive reinforcement, fun and hosted by the very best dog trainers in Ireland.

We offer beginners obedience classes, advanced obedience classes, puppy parties, agility classes and private behaviour consultations.

This is a class suitable for dogs of all ages.

It covers basic obedience training commands: sit, stay, down, no jumping, recall and walking on a loose leash.

The course runs for 4 weeks. We ask that there be no more than two humans per dog, and that these humans be over the age of sixteen. Experience has taught us that younger children can get distracted by the different dogs in the class!

It is €149 for the 4 week course and includes free video and written tutorials after each class.


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