Dog Obedience Classes Cork

Dog Obedience Classes Cork

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dog obedience classes cork

Dog obedience classes are essential for all pet dogs. Our obedience classes at Creedons are only positive reinforcement, fun and hosted by the very best dog trainers in Ireland.

We offer beginners obedience classes, advanced obedience classes, puppy parties, agility classes and private behaviour consultations.

Fun group dog training classes to help you and your dog bond and learn together

Do you want to be proud of your dog? To be able to walk in the park with your dog trotting nicely beside you, and coming back to you when called? So you can truly enjoy your walks without your dog pulling on the lead? Or your dog running away and never coming back?

Are you committed to making sure you are a great dog owner? That you give your dog everything they need, and that you truly understand your dog and how to help them be the best that they can be?

Would you love to have your whole family all on the one page when it comes to training your dog? Cut down on family fights and doggie confusion, and find out from our experts the right way to care for your dog?

Our training classes teach your dog obedience and so much more. They train your dog how to understand you and train you how to understand your dog.

We guarantee every dog owner that if you come to our classes, and follow our advice, then by the end of your dog training course you will love your dog so much more than you ever thought you could!


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