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dog behaviourist cork | dog expert cork

Private dog behaviour consultations to help you overcome serious behaviour challenges with your dog

Do you need help with serious dog aggression?

Is your dog barking and lunging at dogs or people on the streets?

Does your dog go crazy when people come in to your house?

Or perhaps your dog has had a very tough start in life, and is now showing fearful dog behaviours, or perhaps abnormal behaviours?

Here at our dog behaviour clinic the very first thing we will tell you is that we know you are trying your best, and we are here to help!

We expect so much of dogs in today’s busy world. Don’t show fear, don’t show aggression, don’t get overexcited, don’t hate children, and please just be ‘normal’.

There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ dog, but Nanci Creedon and her team can help you overcome behaviour problems in the very best way possible.

The number one response we get from clients who have come to see our behaviour team is that they felt such relief after their first session with us. To know that you are not alone, and that there are experts here to support you and guide you to behaviour modification can be very powerful and take a massive weight off your shoulders.

Nanci Creedon M.Sc CDBC is Ireland’s very first certified dog behaviourist (if you are not sure what that means, read this blog 

We offer many different behaviour modification packages, so get in touch and we can help ensure that we set you up with the right package for your needs.

Nanci has been studying in the industry since 2006, and has a masters in Animal Behaviour, focusing on clinical dog behaviour, at Newcastle University, and is planning on beginning working for a Ph.D. investigating dog bites in Ireland. Nanci now appears regularly on RTE’s The Today Show. Her dog expertise are requested on radio shows and newspapers nationally and she has been used as an expert witness in several dog bite cases in the courts. 

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