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We expect so much of dogs in today’s busy world. Don’t show fear, don’t show aggression, don’t get overexcited, don’t hate children, and please just be ‘normal’.

There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ dog, but Nanci Creedon can help you overcome behaviour problems in the very best way possible.

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Many people claim to be dog behaviourists, and while there is currently no restriction on using that term (anyone can claim to be a behaviourist), we currently only have three certified dog behaviourists here in Ireland. Maureen Byrne in Louth, Jill Hyslop in Waterford, and our very own Nanci Creedon (

Nanci has been studying in the industry for 12 years, and has a masters in Animal Behaviour, focusing on clinical dog behaviour, at Newcastle University, and is planning on beginning working for a Ph.D. investigating dog bites in Ireland.

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Nanci now appears regularly on RTE’s The Today Show

dog expert ireland

Her dog expertise are requested on radio shows and newspapers nationally.

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Nanci recently gave expert witness evidence in the Cork District Court on a case involving a dog bite incident

  • Behaviour Consultations work in the following way.
  • First, Nanci will meet with you and your dog, either at our centre or in your home. She will thoroughly investigate the issues you are having, and provide an explanation to why you are seeing these behaviours. Nanci will then talk you through the behaviour modification plan.
  • Nanci will follow up the session with a fully detailed report (closer to a full book!).
  • Next, you will have a hands on training session with Nanci to help you acquire the skills you will  need to implement the training programme.
  • You will have a 3 month support package to help you while you implement the advice from the behaviourist.
  • We close up the behaviour modification programme with a 30 minute sit-down meeting with Nanci where you can discuss how the modification worked, and how to ensure you don’t slip back in to old habits.


  • Ideal for dogs having difficulties with fear, aggression and all manner of unruly behaviour.
  • A behaviour modification programme will be designed specifically for your dog’s needs.
  • These sessions can cover anything from puppy issues to older rescue dogs who are a little unsure about life, and everything in between.
  • If you are having problems with your dog and you don’t know what to do next, this is the option for you.

Nanci has the following qualifications:


Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant – International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants

Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant – Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals

Certified Pet Dog Trainer – Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland

Certified Pet Dog Trainer – Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers


  • Masters Degree Animal Behaviour and Welfare (Newcastle University)
  • Honours degree in Zoology (UCC)
  • Diploma in Pet (Dog) Psychology (NTA)
  • Distinction diploma in Canine Studies (Oxford College Distance Learning)
  • Distinction diploma in Canine Behaviour & Training (Happier Hounds Dog Training)
  • FETAC Level 6 Animal Grooming (St. Johns Central College)
  • Distinction in Dog Training and Behaviour (COAPE)
  • Distinction Fetac Level 6 Canine Obedience and Training (Dog Training Ireland)
  • 3 times certified Canine First Responder (Dog Training Ireland / Pet Problems)
  • FETAC Level 5 Animal Welfare
  • Nanci is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and the only Cork based skills and knowledge assessed APDT Ireland member.
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