Adopted Dog Discounted Package

People who choose to rescue dogs are the BEST! We salute you and we want to help support you.

Sadly, lots of adopted dogs end up back in rescue when their new owners become overwhelmed, or unaddressed training issues reemerge. No-one wants this to happen, least of all us.

To play our part in avoiding this from happening, we have designed a very special discounted Adopted Dog package to help set you all up for success.

Package A €269  €159

This package includes our four week Doggie Manners dog training course and a full week at doggie daycare. The training course will educate you on responsible dog ownership, help you to understand how to read your dogs behaviour properly, and show you all the steps you need to know to train your dog all the important behaviours – from training your dog to come back when called, to walking nicely on the leash, from teaching your dog to stop jumping on people, to teaching your dog not to steal items, and much more.

The week at doggie daycare will carry out two important functions. Firstly, your dog will learn how to play and interact appropriately with other dogs, and secondly, our team of dog experts will get to know your dog and will be able to pick up on any issues or challenges that your new dog may have.

Package B €154 €125

This package is more suitable for dogs that are a little more challenging, or for new owners who have lots of specific questions and would like more individual advice.

This package includes a private training session with our dog training expert, helping to evaluate your dog and to help you with any issues you are facing as well as some issues you may not have thought of.

This package also includes a thorough pamper session in the grooming room for your dog, where they will have a deep clean, have their ears inspected and cleaned, nails inspected and cleaned, and most importantly, our groomer will be able to give your dog a full body check where they may notice bumps and lumps that you have missed. The grooming session will also include unusual handling, so if your dog has any fearful or unusual responses to handling the groomer, along with your trainer, will be able to help advise you on what to do.