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Dog Groomers in Cork

We offer multiple packages here at Creedons dog grooming salon to best suit your dog grooming needs. Click below to book your session online.

Looking for mobile dog grooming? you can book on to our doggie bus and get 50% off a full day of doggie daycare so your dog will get to stay and play after their pamper session!

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Doggie Deluxe Pamper Package Dog Grooming

dog groomers in corkYour dog will then have a double lather shampoo followed by a conditioning treatment where top quality canine conditioner will be lathered into your dogs coat and combed through before an intense rinse and a thorough fluff dry.
Finally, an optional splash of doggie cologne and a biscuit!

Dry Cut Dog Grooming 

If you like to pamper your dog at home but fear the clippers this is ideal.
A hair cut without washing, ears or nails.

Ultimate Make Over Dog Grooming

dog grooming cork

The groomer will discuss your dogs needs in the grooming parlour and how your dog feels about grooming.
Your dogs mental wellbeing is paramount at all times

Dog Nail Clipping Cork

dog grooming salon in cork
Nails are assessed before our custom ‘quick receding’ clipping, which ensures the vessel will recede making your dogs nails shorter and more comfortable.
Add in a splash of colour! Doggie nail varnish available in a variety of colour.

Ear Care Treatment

dog groomers in cork

The dogs ear canal travels deep into their head, so often items can become lodged, or dirt and bacteria can fester.
Your dogs ear canals will be inspected (and sniffed!), will then be flushed with a specially formulated medicated dog ear wash.

De-Shedding Special

Send your hairball to us for a quick 20min de-furring session. We will use a selection of specialised grooming tools to ensure you’ll be amazed by the transformation

Puppy Pamper Package

dog groomers in cork

(3 grooming sessions before 6 months)
Your pup will be brushed, washed, dried, have their nails clipped, and have their ears cleaned and plucked, all while being fussed over!
Our puppy package will prepare your pup for future grooming sessions and teach them to love their visits to the salon as they can often begin when the dog is matted and stressed.

Deep Tissue Massage – 1hr

Ideal for a dog with a recent injury, stressed or hyperactive dogs.
Our therapy room is warm and cozy with vaporised lavender oils filling the air. Canine relaxation music filters through the room and the lights are dimmed.
Your dog is relaxed through gentle pressure point manipulation while lying on our cozy padded bedding.
Declan will then get to work focusing specifically on areas that your dog needs extra attention.
Essential oils can also be used as an add on to increase coat condition while de-stressing your dog.


Luxurious Hot Oil Calming and Conditioning Treatment

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Our selection of holistic pet-friendly oils treat a wide variety of conditions, from dry, itchy skin, hot spots, hyperactivity, anxiety, post surgery recovery and more.
Once your blend of oils have been chosen your dog will be brushed through to ensure their coat is tangle free.
Next your dog will be placed on our padded massage table. Oils will be spread through their coat and a specialised massage brush will be used to comb through the oils in a soothing and relaxing manner.
Once your dog is in a deep state of relaxation, they will be covered with a warm towel and allowed to rest.
The oils are then shampooed from your dogs coat and they will have an invigorating bath and blow dry to wake them up again.

Click here to BOOK a dog grooming session or phone 021-4966 700