Dog Training Reviews

Here are some of my client Dog Training reviews. They love Creedon’s dog care services so much.


It was very interesting and I didn’t feel uncomfortable to ask questions. I loved the fact that the teacher had the same dog as me too so I could ask questions based on my dogs breed, and you could see that the trainer really had a passion for dogs to be happy. It was great to see how she had evidence to support the points she made and it was also very motivating,  as soon as I came home I practiced all my tricks with Milo. Thanks very much, I’d give 6 stars if I could.

Stephen Scannell



The evening classes are REALLY worthwhile, can’t recommend them enough!!! Can’t believe how quick the behaviors become apparent and well worth spending a few evenings learning the skills to be able to communicate clearly & have an easy toolkit to use. As we kind of suspected, we the humans were the problem and our dog is actually very obedient if only we had known how to communicate with her 🙂

Thanks, Nancy & team!

Jackie Collins



Very encouraging, staff were very friendly and exceptionally knowledgable. Looking forward to our next visit

Pamela Cull



learned alot about dogs and behaviour in such a short space of time last night. Most enjoyable and very interesting. alot of the information now makes so much sense.

Paula Ryan



Brilliant!  Very informative learned loads.  Nanci really takes your case into account in detail and tries to help you with your dog!  Chock full of knowledge!  Thanks, Nanci!

Mayda O’Herilihy



We found the talk very informative.I’ve had dogs all my life and still learned a lot last night

Gillian Cantillon


Hi to you all and thank you last night Nancy for a very informative introduction to our time at the center and also with Murphy in the coming weeks,looking forward to same and will enjoy equally i am sure,we will start as we mean to continue so it is a win win for us here and more importantly having a West Highland pup as a pet and friend to all in the house lots of love going around and a great time of the year for all this learning to begin, thank you all again and looking forward, Sean and Julia.



Really enjoyed the experience.. Very interesting! Cant wait to see how Mafi will get on!


We had a very informative evening last night. Bailey chasing a bottle with her food in it as i type. Having a ball.

It would be great if you could send on the power point s from last night please. I will probably have loads of questions over next few weeks! Great to get correct information in lay mans terms.

Kind Regards,

Maria + Bailey!!!!!


Just want to say that the class as far as myself and Cleo are concerned  was a great success. We both enjoyed it and there has been an improvement already in Cleos relationship with the leash! Much thanks to Lisa she was brilliant, friendly, and professional. Thanks to all concerned……..Tony


Ceri really enjoyed the stop pull leash class today!! It was really informative with some easy techniques and some practice we will be really enjoying our walks with no pulling!! Thanks!!!

Elaine Kelliger


very informative evening – looking forward to the classes



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