Dog Hotel Reviews

It was a huge relief to be able to call on Creedon’s when we had to take a sudden trip to Dublin.  We were totally comfortable leaving Stewie at the doggie hotel because we know the quality of care that Creedon’s provide.  Stewie got on great and came home happy and healthy after his stay.  Thanks guys:)

Noreen Hossford



We had a wedding a few months ago and had no one to mind my dog as usually family and friends mind her. The staff took AMAZING care of her, I got daily updates and pictures, I could log in and look at her on the camera (even here her snoring !) and she was in great form when I collected her – she even tried to run back in to the centre when we left.
So delighted with the relief to know my dog was in safe hands so I could enjoy the wedding and I will definitely use the service again next time I go away.

Maggie and Holly (Spaniel)



Donna took great care of my two dogs – and they got the big hotel room which im sure they loved the luxury of.

Thanks very much for all your care and updates.

Simon Hunter