Dog Daycare Reviews


I have started leaving my beautiful Sonia since Monday she has been in for 2 days now and has enjoyed it a lot; coming back home she is sleeping like a baby (lovely…..), the staff is very nice. Hopefully Sonia will manage the excitement going 3 times a week….




Thank you so much, Brucie had another enjoyable day.

He slept all the way back to Killarney, and is now in his bed by the fire snoring the house down. Thanks again.

Mel Quinn



Since Ali started at Creedons she has come on leaps and bounds, while she is still a little shy and likes her space she has improved hugely in the last 3-4 months! Knowing she is having fun while im in work also puts my mind at ease and the staff are always so helpful and kind I love bringing her in each day! Cant say enough about the place or thank ye enough!!!

Aisling Devitt



Creedon’s is absolutely fantastic! I had always been a bit concerned Oscar would not take to other dogs as I had been told his breed are not generally fond of strangers or other dogs, but Oscar is the complete opposite of that and I have Creedons to thank for that, I am sure. The service is simple, easy, accessible and friendly. Oscar also had a great time with the groomer at Creedons, which was a surprise given his first grooming was apparently a very noisy one. Overall, I’ve only good things to say about Creedons; it’s a great comfort knowing that my dog is in good hands when I drop him off; five stars all across the board!
Mary Calnar



I can honestly say I love the fact that I can drop my dog buddy off and know that he’s in such good hands for the day, he’s so happy going in there on his days and the staff are second to none there, will definitely be returning on a regular basis ?

Tracey Mulcahy


I love using the service when I can and wish I could use it more often.It is great for Jay and Eddie as it helps them to stay social but also to play safely with other dogs. I love seeing them so excited going in and that staff taking them in know them and are enthusiastic to see them.For example recently I just bought Jay in and Lynn asked after Eddie. I thought that was really caring and would like to think that this simple act of thoughtfulness shows that Eddie and Jay even though they don’t attend regularly are not just numbers when they attend but are cared for and enjoyed. On a selfish note I would like to see what they are up to when they are there 🙂 .

Triona Forde



my dog loves daycare, always gets excited about going in in the morning.