May’s dog of the month is Dougal, one of the small side’s big personalities!

Dougal is a real boy’s boy but can so as sweet as candy floss sometimes when he wants a bit of affection and a play – just don’t go near him with a hair brush! Dougie is as good as gold in the bath but once you brush his face he is NOT impressed! So his last haircut meant short hair on face – but super long ears!

We think Dougal deserves the Dog of The Month honour simply for putting up with his funky hair cut but his winning personality cements his place of honour up on our wall this month!
We love Dougal here, Creedon’s wouldn’t be the same without him!

CONGRATS DOUGAL!!! Dougal wins a FREE week of doggie daycare next week, Tues 6th to Mon 13th, and we will proudly display Doug’s pic on our walls!