An Hour with the Dog Behaviour Expert

We understand that when times are tough, spending a few hundred quid on a training package is just not viable.

However, using the advice of friends, vets, pet shop staff or the (dreaded!) internet can be risky!

We are introducing a heavily discounted “Hour with the Dog Behaviour Expert” package to help you guys get the CORRECT expert advice and get you on the right track to overcome behaviour challenges, and help your dog be the best version of themselves!


Every day Nanci meets people who immediately say “Oh, you are a behaviourist, can I ask you about my dog?” And while a 5 minute chat at the supermarket checkout can do no more than result in “You need to book an appointment”, our 60min Zoom sessions will provide us with enough time to give you the RIGHT basic advice.


Yes, sometimes you will be told that your dog needs more one to one attention, however Nanci will still be able to give you what we call in the industry ‘behavioural first aid advice’, solid advice on changes you can make immediately to help you, and your dog, and make your lives easer.

Or, often, you are on the right track with your dog and you just need some tips and guidance on how to be the best dog guardian possible!



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