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Leading the way in Superior Dog Care in Cork

Creedons Dog Care offers elite dog care services for busy dog owners to help them provide their dogs with the very best of dog care in an environment where your dog is our primary care and truly becomes part of the Creedons family.

How it all began…

Nanci, was already working in the pet care industry, running Doggie W.A.G.S., a very successful dog walking and grooming service. She was in such demand that she was turning away dogs, and dispite three walks daily, her huskys still had energy to burn off at the end of the day. That’s when she came up with the idea of a designated indoor play centre for dogs. Through the internet she quickly found out that doggie daycare was a booming industry stateside, and after talking to lots of Cork based dog owners she quickly learned that there was a massive demand for a similar service in Ireland.

After seven long years of planning, researching, saving, and furthering her own education, Nanci took the plunge and opened the doors to Creedons Doggie Daycare, Munsters first and only dedicated dog care centre with complimentary services.

One of the most important priorities to Creedons is that positive reinforcement and gentle handling of all dogs was of the utmost priorities. There are a lot of old school theories and thoughts to dog handling, but thanks to life long learning, Nanci is keen to maintain forward thinking, progressive dog handling practices, and help to educate the general public on why old school methods should be forgotten, and why modern positive techniques work!

The team at Creedons has grown to include:

Dog KennelsNanci Creedon – Behaviour consultant

Nanci Creedon M.Sc IAABC-CDBC, AABP-CDBC, CPDT-KA, APDT(Ire) NTA(Pet Psy.).

Nanci’s dog-family includes Daisy  a Siberian Husky, and rescue dogs Greyhound mix Meg who traveled to Cork all the way from Newcastle after spending 16 months at the RSPCA, and Hamish Macbeth,a Collie mix who was due to be put to sleep for biting as a young dog. Nanci took him in, retrained him, and offered him a permanent home.


Nanci has a Masters degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare focusing on clinical dog behaviour from Newcastle University and currently teaches dog behaviour courses at Creedons College.


Aisling Ryan – Creedons Doggie Daycare Senior Trainer

Aisling joined Creedons Doggie Daycare after successfully graduating as a dog trainer from Creedons College. The team were super impressed with Aisling’s passion for learning, commitment to providing the best care possible for dogs, and her winning positive attitude.

Aisling also runs the front of house at Creedons, helping to assist all of our wonderful customers.


Sarah Flynn – Creedons Dog Daycare Supervisor

Sarah is a massive dog lover, and great team player. Sarah has recently adopted Tobias, the worlds friendliest little fella, who follows Sarah around like her shadow!






Lorraine Garvin – Dog Daycare Supervisor and Trainee Groomer

Lorraine is the hardest working lady we know! She has such a calming influence on the team, and promotes “Sure it’ll be grand” any time we have a lot on, helping to steady the ship and motivate us all to no longer feel overwhelmed.

Lorraine loves to study, and is currently studying to become  a Professional Dog Grooming Stylist.

Lorraine brings her buddy, Buddy, to work with her every day and the team are all so impressed with how great a dog Buddy is!



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 Donna Forde Kennel Assistant

Donna also joined Creedons for a nine month internship and has since been hired to care for our hotel guests.
Donna has a fantastic way with our holidaying dogs, making sure their rooms are sparkling, their cameras are switched on, their beds are turned down, and there is a treat on their pillow.
Donna is the proud mum of Louis, a very special pug, and Lexi, a collie mix rescue. Lexi joined Creedons after we got a call from a veterinary practice looking for our help. Lexi was due to be put to sleep as a young pup for biting, but through the gentle care and training of the Creedons family, Lexi is now a happy and friendly much loved family member.